Brain Awards 2012

Brain Award

Five DAE students are nominated for the Brains Award 2012. Last Friday the jury has revealed the top20 nominees of this competition. As of today everybody can VOTE for his favorite participant till June 4.

All 20 selected students (selected out of 120 participants) have a chance to win one of the four different awards:  the Brains Award, the Liveability Award, the Sustainability Award and the Public Award. The student with the most votes obtained by the internet will win the Public Award. The 20 finalists will present their projects during the Dutch Technology Week on June 7. At this day they will compete with each other for the Brains Award 2012 at the Park.

Museum 2011

Nederlands Leder & Schoenen museum

Shoe project Design Academy


Last Tuesday I was present at the final presentation of a shoe project of second-and third-year students of the Design Academy in Eindhoven. These students from two directions, Man and Mobility and Lab, his last autumn launched a project on shoes. In several respects, a challenge because they had only a few months to design a shoe and manufacture. In addition, a number of additional requirements. For example, in the design process was to make use of a 3D design program, and the design should be suitable to be manufactured with a 3D printer. The German company Objet, partner in this special project,.

Reinventing Shoes 2011

Reinventing shoes

Exploring advanced 3D-printing techniques

In 2011, Objet Geometries set about collaborating with 2 departments of the Design Academy Eindhoven University (DAE) on a student project touching on 3D-printing and Shoe Design. Specifically, the students of DAE were asked to test the boundaries of the Objet Connex Polyjet Matrix technology, using a combination of rigid and rubber-like materials to design their ultimate shoe. The project wat stretched over a six-month period. During that time students were provided with lectures on 3D-printing and Objet and how to prepare a printable 3D CAD file. Consultation with Objet staff members (including on-site training) was provided to DAE throughout this period. The outcome was phenomenal. The students of DAE designed.