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My book covers the evolution of the use of wood towards vinyl. This research and all the information I have gathered has been performed with a focus on the interior/living industry.

Wood was one of the first materials used by man to craft product from. During the course of the years all kinds of new materials have been developed which are able to replace wood on all kinds of fields. New synthetic materials contain certain enhanced characteristics than those of wood.

Vinyl, as an example, is a material that has gone through an entire evolution. Nowadays this material is being used in many different ways, of which an important one is the simulation/copying of natural materials. It has some qualities which makes it more suitable than its natural counterpart in some situations.

This little book describes the research of the evolution and the application of wood and vinyl. An attempt has been made to find an answer to whether the use of wood has had an influence on the evolution of vinyl. Next to wood and vinyl also some examples of melamine and HPL are discussed. These are also materials which are being used to give a product the appearance of wood, but the difference from vinyl is that they are only used as a top-layer on another material.