Inge Kuipers was born in 1987 in a small village in the Netherlands. As a little girl Inge has always been busy with drawing and building houses. She changed her room every week and other people’s houses were not always safe for her ideas. It could happen that she changed the location of your furniture during babysitting, because she felt like it could be better.

Ideally she played with things which could create something. Whether it was Lego or a piece of cardboard it didn’t matter as long as she could build. In order to do put her passion into practice she decided to follow the study Interior Advisor on the Wood and Furnishings College in Rotterdam. This is where she further developed her interior advising and furniture upholstery skills.

Although she completed her education with a lot of joy, she often felt like there was something missing. Especially during her internships she found out that the limitations prohibited her from expressing her creativity. Interior advising was not enough and therefore she decided to look for a suitable academy to learn more about the design process.

With attending the Design Academy of Eindhoven she found an education which addressed the design process a whole lot more. Starting at the department of Man and Well Being the main focus laid on research and creating a poetic story behind the development of a product. Students are encouraged to work on their personal development and think in terms of materials. This is where Inge found her passion in crafting with traditional materials like wood and ceramics.

Unfortunately within Well Being she still missed the focus on product development. Changing to the Man and Activity department she found a more practical and functional approach. Working on the whole design process from initial concept till the finalized product, she learned how to translate the user’s problems and needs into a good product.

In the end it can be concluded that her work is functional and logical, but sometimes also with a poetic thought. She draws on her information gathering skills to translate this into a practical design. Her ideas come from problems everyone may encounter in daily life and thereby always tries to add something to make the product more valuable. Inge likes to work with different materials and in different work fields. She loves challenges and likes to learn.

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